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Ramadan-Hitchens Debate

[src:]I am an American by nationality, a Pakistani by memory, and a citizen of the world by conviction. Islam is my faith and like millions of other Muslims in America and Europe–I am shaping the future of Islam in the “west.”  I recently had the opportunity to attend a debate between Tariq Ramadan and Christopher Hitchens titled Is Islam a Religion of Peace? However, I thought the question to be irrelevant—what is clear is that Muslims have “arrived” in the west, and that they are taking claim, molding and shaping a uniquely western identity. America is a nation built by immigrants (E Pluribus Unum) and the Muslim population is contributing to the debate of America’s future. Europe is aging (average-40) and the need to remain economically viable in the era of globalization requires an influx of immigrants, and this has bought Europe’s insecurities about its identity to the forefront. The question should not be whether or not Islam is a religion of peace, but instead, why are secular liberal democracies so concerned about the faith of their new citizens?

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11 2010

Invitation from Allah (swt)

The Holy Month of Ramadhan
On the last Friday of the Month of Sha’aban, the Prophet delivered a famous sermon about the month of Ramadan where he states “This is a month in which you have been called to the banquet of Allah. Allah has honored you in it”[1]. In less than 7 days, we are all going to attend a grand banquet by the name of Ramadhan, and the host is Allah. Typically when we are invited to a very big event we make huge preparations and spend much time beautifying ourselves.

The Preparation
You have been invited by the Al-Mighty, The Highest of high, The King of kings. Have you figured out what you’re wearing and in what state you are going to be present there? For some of us, it’s been eleven months since the last Ramadan banquet, and we’ve just accumulated more sins while our hearts have become darker. In this materialistic world, we don’t realize the effect of sin on our souls, but the angels can sense it. They can smell the bad breath of a person who has been backbiting, lying, or slandering and can see their true form in the eyes of Allah SWT. Will we be attending this banquet with a clean heart?

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08 2010