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Gallery #3

Walking the street, pacing
the pious venerate, worship, diker
in Gallery #3

Those that have been waiting
pacing, revelation, visions
Gallery #3

Even I am
where, I
cannot find me
pacing, diker, revelation
Gallery #3
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08 2011


O’ My Lord ,
If I fail to become wealthy enough to afford a glamorous car
If I fail and never get into graduate school
If my name never shows up on a google search
If I never own a coach purse or gucci watch
If I never get to travel abroad and brag about the number of countries I’ve visited
If I never make a post on facebook that hundreds of people “like”
If I never get skinny enough to fit in a size 0
If I never get to satisfy all the different desires of my nafs
If I never get a wikipedia page dedicated to me
If I never get married to the perfect person
If I never reach any dunya related goal I have that satisfies the “I” … that’s fine

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04 2011

Just a Thought

Sometimes a breath is all you need
To pray or meditate.
Or reflect.

What will you think about?
What to do?
Where to go?
Who to thank?

Would you take this moment to think further?
What is your goal?
What is the purpose of your life?
When you decide to do this or that –
Do you think about its effect?

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11 2010

A Real American Hero

“O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will grant you a Criterion (to judge between right and wrong)…” (Surah al-Anfal; 8:29)

They ask why I love you; you were an ordinary man;
I tell them I can’t put it into words, maybe you can?

They say we are irrational, always talking conspiracies;
You started a speech “Ladies and Gentlemen, friends & enemies…”

They say to Mahmoud, it’s no time for twin tower truth;
But you said at JFK’s death, “chickens coming home to roost.”

They say my-way or the highway, some leaders these days;
Don’t confuse “methods with the objectives” that was your way.

They said Obama is better; let’s vote for him this time!
You said a “ballot is like a bullet,” so I didn’t use mine.
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10 2010