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The Mayor and His Myopia

by Mohammad Ali Naquvi

In response to the recent boycott of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s annual inter-faith breakfast this morning by over a dozen NYC Muslim leaders, the Mayor reasserted his support for the NYPD/CIA secret spying program by responding with the following statement:


“If you want to look for cases of measles, you’ll find a lot more of them among young people,” he said, according to an Associated Press account. “That’s not targeting young people to go see whether they have measles or not.”


It’s thoughtful of the Mayor to use an analogy, so that the rest of us can try to comprehend the wisdom of an illegal spying program on everyday Muslims.  I remember when I was studying for the SAT in high school, my course review teacher explained a simple test to see if an analogy works. You need to substitute the pairs of words into the same sentence, he told us.  So in this case, the pairs would be:


cases of measles : young people :: terrorists : Muslims


Since the Mayor has already provided us with a sentence, let’s just substitute in the second pair of words to see the brilliance of the analogy:


“If you want to look for [terrorists], you’ll find a lot more of them among [Muslims],” he said, according to an Associated Press account. “That’s not targeting [Muslims] to go see whether they [are terrorists] or not.”

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01 2012

Authentic Moments

There was a homeless man smoking on the train today. No, this is not your usual socio-political commentary. He appeared like a character out of a Baldwin novel and had a look on him that said “F— you world.” The kind that rebuked every one of his critics on that ride and demanded they walk a day in his shoes. Even more entertaining to watch were the reactions his act of defiance provoked. One particular woman sitting to the side and perpendicular to him looked on with disgust. There was a strong confidence in her condemnation and yet there was no doubt in my mind that had he locked eyes with her, she would have put her mask right back on and turned away. My expression must have given away my amusement because the man sitting directly across from me glanced over with this knowing look, as if to say “The man’s got chutzpah…and I know you think so too.”

And then there was everyone else, most of whom were attempting the peripheral vision trick. You know, when you look but you’re really not looking because you were taught that it’s improper to stare. Apparently there’s more dignity in backhandedly devouring our subject with our assumptions. I imagined he could feel the arrows as they came shooting out of our eyes, but could care less. He remained poise, calmly puffing his cigarette every few minutes.
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08 2010