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The War on Logic

Recently the author of the “LSAT Blog” posted an entry in regard to the controversy surrounding Park51 in New York City. In it he used the arguments put forth by the opponents of the construction of Park51 near ground zero as a teaching tool for identifying logical fallacies. In reading this lesson, it struck me just how useful teaching formal logic to all American citizens (and not just attorneys) would be. While many wars have been fought over the past decade, one that is rarely discussed is the war being waged on logic.

With the advent of the Internet, social media and cell phones, information is more readily available today than any other time in human history. Due to this, our society has the potential to reach greater intellectual heights than ever before. However, that status will never be reached unless we are able to distinguish the truth from what simply looks like the truth. Without possessing the requisite analytical tools to distinguish between the two, namely, knowledge of formal logic, we do not stand a chance. Due to the variety of perspectives in society, a real understanding of logic, whether through formal education or a google search, is perhaps the most necessary tool for a 21st century citizen to posses.
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09 2010

Fighting Islamophobia

As much talk there is about Islamophobia nowadays, I think hatred toward Muslims is a classic case of “The Other.” Whatever you call it, Muslims are misunderstood and misrepresented.

The latest issue regarding the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” may not be a case of wanting to vilify Muslims. In some ways, I think it’s just finding someone to lash out against. Muslims just happen to fit the category in this moment in time.

The most distressing part of the discussion hasn’t been that people are angry or don’t want the mosque. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, and the issue brings out a lot of emotion in people.

No, the most troubling has been the insistence that ALL Muslims are a certain way, no matter the proof to the contrary.

Sure, there are Muslims who would like nothing more than to see the destruction of America. And there are those who will go to extremes to reach that end. But there are the rest of us – the majority of us, I would argue – that have the exact opposite views. Sure, we hear a lot about Islam as a “religion of peace,” but those words start sounding hollow after a while.

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08 2010