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O’ My Lord ,
If I fail to become wealthy enough to afford a glamorous car
If I fail and never get into graduate school
If my name never shows up on a google search
If I never own a coach purse or gucci watch
If I never get to travel abroad and brag about the number of countries I’ve visited
If I never make a post on facebook that hundreds of people “like”
If I never get skinny enough to fit in a size 0
If I never get to satisfy all the different desires of my nafs
If I never get a wikipedia page dedicated to me
If I never get married to the perfect person
If I never reach any dunya related goal I have that satisfies the “I” … that’s fine

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04 2011

Dunya: Is this a Love-Hate Relationship

[src] www.inquisitr.comOccasionally when you pass by a toy store, you might see a few kids longingly staring at the window display. They will let go of their mother’s hand and just stand there. They might even be so engrossed in the shine and color of a particular toy that no matter how much you call their name, they will not respond. The beauty of this is that no matter how stubborn that child is in letting go of their mother’s hand, after a while, the mother always comes back to take their child’s hand.

Many of us are like little children in that we have lost ourselves by staring at the glitters of the dunya. It’s been years we have let go of God’s hand, never realizing how lost we are; and yet He always comes back to get us …

This dunya is nothing but a toy that we keep occupying ourselves with. When its glitter ends, only then will we realize that all of this was a childish game.

“What is the life of this world but amusement and play? But verily, the Home in the Hereafter, that is life indeed, if they but knew. “ [1]

What is the dunya exactly and what part of it is reproached in Islam?
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01 2011

Islam and Consumerism II: A Muslim Affluenza?

A Muslim Affluenza?


In my last blog entry, I mentioned that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines consumerism as:  “the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; also: a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods”[1]. I would like to add another definition to the mix: “affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more”[2].

Affluenza is a play on the two words affluence and influenza. It symbolizes the concept of “keeping up with the Joneses”—matching (or exceeding) the same level of material wealth (affluence) and status as your neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc.—but frames it as an illness, a virus. It is the title of both a television documentary and a book that challenge our materialistically-inclined society. In fact, it can be said that we spend (sometimes until we are in massive debt) to feel a quick, fleeting happiness in purchasing a new item.

This condition crosses lines of status, race and religion. The religious perspective, however, is what I am interested in exploring further. More particularly, how does Islam view this conception of life?

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09 2010