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Can You Believe What She’s Wearing?

Just last week, when I went to the local masjid to pray jumuah, I was told I wasn’t dressed properly. I left the house thinking I looked perfectly appropriate for prayer, but apparently my sleeves were too short. It was a hot day, and I chose to wear something a little shorter than I normally would have. The sleeves were a little revealing, sure, but probably not something you would notice unless you were looking for fault with someone. And there’s definitely nothing scandalous about my wrists, I assure you.

I’m also working on a project at the same masjid, and one of the other volunteers was worried about the way she dresses. She’d never been to this masjid before, but she wants to get involved. She has some great ideas and is very enthusiastic. But, her one worry is that someone will call her out on the fact that her shirt may be deemed too tight or that strands of her hair are showing.

While I’ve tried to reassure her, there’s no hiding the fact that Muslims can be pretty judgmental when it comes to other Muslims. I know it’s not too much of a stretch that someone at some masjid has probably told this woman that she’s not dressed properly.

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06 2011

When Speakers become Superstars

Most of us would condemn the crazy glitzy lifestyle of young athletes who hit stardom at an early age. They have adoring fans and people waiting on them hand and foot. They have an air of luxury – that seems more of their image than their actual talents.

Unfortunately some of our speakers are also heading toward this path. There are speakers who only travel in “first class,” or who request that they arrive at a gathering just when the speech should start because they don’t care much for mingling with the “common folk.”

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12 2010

Where is a Woman’s Place?

Usually it’s right in front of the stove, stirring away. Or chasing a child around the house.

In many cultures, a woman is hardly thought of as the one doing anything important or worthwhile. In fact it is often joked about, usually in sitcoms.

Husband coming home from work: I am so tired.
Wife: No kidding. Me too.
Husband to wife: Why you? You were home all day. How can you be tired?
Wife: Uh, I was potty training Junior. Then I washed clothes and folded laundry. Later, I had to pick up the kids from school, do grocery shopping, mail a package, then run back home to start dinner.
Husband: Yeah, but that’s your job.
Wife: (Evil glare.)

I grew up with a stay-at-home mom. She was always there and always doing the typical “mom” things: cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc. So it felt a bit odd when I became the full-time professional and soon had my own child. I became something I had never known: I became a working mom. I swore I would never do it, but I loved my job as an editor. I also had a trustworthy babysitter – my stay-at-home mom.
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10 2010