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Muslim Girl Problems

My current obsession is the Twitter site

Some samples of her tweets:

love when a muslim grl announces her engagement to nonmuslim friends & they say”we didnt know u were dating someone!” #thatsbcwemet4daysago

my cousin got yelled at by her parents because she does not know how to iron and cook properly #shesaneurosurgeon

We all remember the day when someone told us we shouldn’t eat Lucky Charms and marshmallows bc there is pig in it. #wehatethatperson

I know there are people who aren’t happy with her observations or don’t think she’s funny, but I think she speaks to the majority of Muslims.

There are certain issues that come along with being a Muslim, and it’s fun to read someone else reflect on them in a “I totally know what you mean” way.

I’ve read plenty of literature written by Muslims, and my issue with these books has always been that I can’t relate to the experience that they’re putting across. Muslims tend to gloss over any realities of growing up with Islam and sugarcoat it for a non-Muslim audience. Read the rest of this entry →



07 2011

Coexist For a Good Cause

I work at a Christian-based non-profit organization called Mobile Loaves & Fishes, which feeds and houses the homeless in six cities across the U.S.  It was originally founded as a ministry of the St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, Texas.  I applied to work here because I wanted to go home at the end of the day and feel like I’d made a positive contribution to the world.

The person who interviewed me is member of the Catholic clergy.   As my affiliations with Muslim organizations are very prominent on my resume, it was amusing to watch him choose his words delicately.  With great effort to avoid breaking employment laws, he attempted to find out how comfortable I would be working in a Christian environment.  I assured him as best I could that it would not be a problem for me.

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07 2011

T.S Eliot and Ezra Pound Degrade Life

In Washington Square Park–I purchased 1951 collection of poetry from one of my favorite poets Pablo Neruda. It was published by a leftist magazine called Masses & Mainstream, and sheds some much needed light on two modern paragons of poetry–T.S Eliot and Ezra Pound.

The introduction states:

As Neruda has said, before the warhawks of Wall Street and Washington can hurl the atom bomb they must first annihilate men morally. That is the mission of of their poets–the T.S Eliot and Ezra Pounds who degrade life and stultify the will to resist destruction. To this literature of decay and death Pablo Neruda opposes an art of moral grandeur…

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07 2011

Conversation with the Beloved

I said: “I will become the lover and you will become the beloved”

You glanced with kindness: “Are you sure?”

I said: “You’ll see”

You said: “I will be the lover, you the beloved”

I said: “No don’t say that … I’ll get upset”

You said: “You’ll see”

I said: “Doesn’t matter, you the lover and me the beloved or the other way around, let’s begin”

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07 2011